If I renew my LE certificate do I need to update my client config file?

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If I renew my LE certificate do I need to update my client config file?

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After I renew my Let’s Encrypt certificate through DSM, do I need to do anything with the OpenVPN configuration file on the clients? Do either of the 2 long string certificates in the config file change upon renewal of the LE cert? Seems like I always get a message saying mismatched certs after renewal but I’ve always just clicked through.
It’s just letting you know that the current imported cert for that site on the client side is different then the one that’s being reported by the site. After the 1st allowed access it will download the cert and add it to the store.
A caveat though: In my experience, if you are using Hyperbackup to back up to a Diskstation using SSL, and if you update the certificate on the destination Diskstation (the one running Hyperbackup Vault), subsequent backups will fail until you go into Hyperbackup on the client and select "Trust Certificate".

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