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IMAP Problems after September Update

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IMAP Problems after September Update

I have a severe Problem since a September update of the Mailserver.
I cannot move Mails from other Sources to my mailbox on my Synology via IMAP.
I use the latest Updates on DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 .
I don't get any error message.
It worked all for years and it stills works fine between other IMAP Accounts on other mailservers with different Mail Clients.
The Problem is definitely on the Synology side.
Is there any chance to increase the debug level of the mailserver ?
What happened ?
Is it possible to revert the mailserver to an older version ?

I’m using Mail (the native iOS app) on my iPad.
I’ve the following mailboxes defined:
Yahoo, gmail, iCloud and a Synology Mail Server Mailbox.

I’ve been able to move messages from each of the above to the Mail Server mailbox and move it back.

I tap a message, it opens on the right side, I tap the folder icon at the top and it asks me to “tap on a mailbox to move these messages”. I navigate to my Synology’s in box, tap it and it moves the message. I can move it back too.

Is this similar to what you are trying to do?

iPadOS 13.1.2
Mail server 1.6.9-0505
DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3

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