DS file Import file of DS FILE (NAS) into iPhone (local drive-not cloud). How to?

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DS file Import file of DS FILE (NAS) into iPhone (local drive-not cloud). How to?

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I did it a couple times a couple years ago but forgot how I did it. I do remember it was not intuitive at all.

Want to copy a file off of NAS via DS FILE,
And save it on my iPhone local drive or files folder on the iPhone.. not cloud

How to? (Steps)
on Iphone: choose the file via dsfile,
press the ... on the right side of the screen,
choose "Share",
then save to files
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All I see under … is:
Shared Links

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Or this if a pic
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I don’t see anything in DS FILE settings,
Nor iPhone DS FILE settings that would add or prevent Share from being seen.
It works if it’s a picture(save to camera roll), but what if it’s another type file?
(In this case xlxs or doc??)
I’m not trying to send an encrypted Gofileme file via email, just trying to get it stored in local iPhone files folder.
Could that have been removed in past 2 years?

Thanks for any input
On Android when in the list before you open a file there are three vertical dots on the right of each file, click this for options - would have thought it's similar on the iPhone app.
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Good call, I hadn’t tried that, but, after I select file then proceed. still only get options as posted before. There is no way to save it locally on iPhone (unless it’s a picture then save to photos is available)
I only option is to save to a Gofileme link. For emailing to others.

Spent an hour last pm trying changing DS FILE settings. Got no-where. Can others do it? Save a file from NAS to iPhone?
Is the a broke in software, or an obtuse setting I’ve yet to find?
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No. I posted a pix of what comes up.
How did you turn on those options?
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GOT IT!! Now I remember! If you select large icons instead of list format (4 small squares - upper right corner toggles it)
In list format (What you posted) Does Support “share”
In Large icon format, “Share” IS NOT SUPPORTED!

Try it yourself! Crazy! Thanks!!!

Now I remember (from 2 years ago) correctly: That’s the part that was not intuitive…. I leave large icons on because my phone 2020SE, is a smaller display. Larger icons work for me, but for some crazy reason—won’t let you share!!!!🤪😳!
It is my determination that there is not enough options ‘need’ for differing amounts of features to be made available based upon they way you select the files to display…….. That is just wrong and ‘sloppy’... And causes issues identical to what was described in this post.
Write code for the new user.
Update on the DS FILE issue described:
“Support” indicates this is an unknown feature and what I described is not what the software was intended to do. He requests that I do a ‘feature request’.

I answered that this is a bug, not a feature request, and I suggested He forward it to the appropriate group for fixing!


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