DSM 6.2 Impossible to connect to FTP server from Netatmo app

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DSM 6.2 Impossible to connect to FTP server from Netatmo app

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Hi everyone.
The Netatmo app (and its connected cameras) can save files on FTP servers, as is normal, and therefore I am trying to save the files on my DS218+.
We are not on the local network, so we go via the internet.
  • I activated the FTP server on the NAS
  • I already have an address myname.myds.me complete with certificate
  • I opened and configured port 21 with port forwarding
  • I configured a specific user with his folder and permissions on the FTP service
  • I attempted to connect from a PC with Filezilla, which was perfectly successful, so I can connect and transfer a file via the internet.

The Netatmo app for Android asks me for the server name, username, password and folder.
I tried to connect this app to my cloud FTP server NOT based on Synology, and everything works, the images are transferred and deposited in the right path.

But the Netatmo + Synology combination doesn't seem to work. When I enter the data I get the message:
331 password required for FTP
obviously after several attempts I am sure that the username and password are OK.

The only suspicion I have is that when I connect with Filezilla, when I log in, a popup appears asking me for a certain confirmation regarding the certificate.
I wonder if perhaps the app is not able to handle this confirmation request, and therefore I should eliminate this request at the source, at the server.
Can anyone give me a tip?
Thank you.
Does Netatmo support secure FTP (FTPS), which is what I think you must be using? SFTP is different and based on SSH, whereas FTPS is based on FTP.

If the service type is supported then it may well be your SSL certificate is either self-signed or signed but doesn't cover the server name you are trying to access... and Netatmo could be refusing to connect to servers that it cannot verify.

Got same issue. I have uncheck FTP SSL box in my FTP NAS config to avoid SSL certificate pop-up but problem remains the same.
Did you manage to solve your issue?
Thanks in advance.

I got the same issue and I can't solve it. Based on the last uploaded video's, the issue came up around end of October, 2022. I see, that Netatmo is able to write a test.txt file. Based on other queries I did, Netatmo wants to delete this file after writing it. That seems, where it stops and I get the error message 331 password required for FTP.
I tested the Netatmo app on iOS and Android, no difference.

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This topic can be closed, thanks @Rusty works as expected!

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