Impossible to install/repair Web Station

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Impossible to install/repair Web Station

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I'd like to install IDrive package, it needs Web Station. The installation tries to install it but I get an error "Impossible to install" and it is impossible to repair as well.
Somewhere I read that I could login via SSH, terminal, delete a folder, ... Don't know If I am able to do it, but I need Web Station for IDrive I just bought,

Isn't there any other (easiest) way to just install Web Station? Thanks
This is the error I get, sorry it's in italian.
Translation is: "Impossible to install Web Station. Try again later or contact the package's developer".



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Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I tried but it didn't work...


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Have you created any reverse proxy or application portals that specifically tie up TCP ports 80 and 443. Normally DSM will use these ports if Web Station isn't installed but when it is then Web Station's main web site will have these ports assigned.

Failing this, have a look in message log, as pr @Rusty suggestion.
Thanks for your answer!

It seems there is not any reverse proxy in my settings and there are all my App installed.


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OK, the reverse proxy and application portal configuration is done in Control Panel's System/Login Portal section, not a specific package that does it. But you'd know that if you'd added them and so I think it's safe to say you haven't :)

I would consider raising a support ticket with Synology to see why there's a problem.

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