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I’ve purchased a DS120j while I’m still on my trip. I thought of sharing my findings and thoughts with you.

I’m trying a few things with it before I relegate it to the boring task of backups and surveillance when I’m back, for that’s why I bought it

I installed a 250GB SSD that I have with me and I was surprised when I dloaded DSM that the installer now disables the default admin and guest accounts and offers to install a LE certificate. This is new and good.

I’ve immediately felt the slowness of the DS120j in comparison to my other two DSes (no surprise there), however it was very acceptable (for my intended use). But if you’re considering a one-bay Synology NAS (for budget reasons or as your first entry into the NAS world), I’d suggest that you try to move up to the DS118 (or whatever its replacement).

I wanted to try streaming media and for that I installed Download Station to dload some for testing. I’m using my iPad Pro 11 for all this. I didn’t bother trying Video Station since the DS120j doesn’t support decoding video formats. However, I tried Infuse. Installed it on my iPad and using SMB aimed it at the DS120j’s shared movies folder. I was blown away by the results. It played everything I threw at it very smoothly. And one great feature was showing a thumb nail while scrubbing and it was amazingly smooth and responsive! Of course the decoding was happening on the iPad. But oh my, it was much smoother than running Video Station on my DS216+II! To the point where I’m considering switching to it. I’ve tried Installing infuse on an Apple TV 4K too and it was as good as on the iPad.

Worth trying if you’re struggling with playing videos stored on your NAS.
thx for sharing M8!
just extend your experiences by basic math:
4k based content in mkv with 50Mbps bitrate decoded directly in iPad side (or in other device)
1Gbps NIC at this NAS side
must works with:
- WiFi n-class, even with g/a-classes theoretically (54Mbps max) for oldest devices or WiFi architecture.
- wires Cat-5 and higher, even when Cat-5 supports 100Mbps only. Even with 100Mbps switch w/o another utilization

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