iNotify doesn't appear to be working in my DS1819+

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iNotify doesn't appear to be working in my DS1819+

I'm running an Emby server from my NAS, and the real-time monitoring of my media libraries isn't working; it doesn't pick up when I add or remove files and I have to manually run a scan from the Emby app.

It doesn't appear to be an Emby-specific issue, as iNotify doesn't seem to notice that I've made the changes and therefore Emby is never alerted. Someone on the Emby forum had me run inotifywait -rm on the folder my media is stored in, and when I add or remove files while I can see some changes to the output, there's nothing specific to a file. Just lots of opening and closing folders.
From what's been said so far, what I see could be the issue is this...

If Emby uses inotifywait -m in the same way as this and pipes the output into a while read statement where it the does something for notified files then there will be a problem if the inotifywait output does not escape of quote the path text and file text.... when it encounters spaces in the path.

The reason being that read A B C is looking for three parts that are space delimited. With paths that have no spaces then A is the path, B the action, and the rest of the string will be C. But with one space in the path then A will be the first part of the path, B the second part of the path, and the rest of the string is C (the action and file).

So the question is: if Emby relies on this output does it process it in a way that allows for spaces in paths?
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Actually come to think of it, my share used to be called "Emby", but I had to change it after Emby decided to move its program files into a share called "Emby" and lock me out of it, with no warning. Which was a massive pain in the ass.
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Does Emby only allow for one library location? One shared folder? If you can add a second library location then that could be used to test this theory.

Is there any Emby user/group? If yes then I assume they have been assigned the necessary access to 'Emby Library'.

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Manual scanning picks up new files, it's only the inotify thing that doesn't work. So permissions should be good.

I can try a dummy library I guess....
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Yep, a dummy library works.
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Ok so what's the plan?

Validate that the folder ownership and permissions match between the current library folder and the test ones? Continue testing the dummy folders by putting in more items? Use varying file names and potentially problematic characters in the names? Just migrate to a new library folder that has been shown to be working?
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Is there an easy way to check the permissions match?

The only other thing I can think of is Emby has all its program files and such in /volume1/Emby/, and I'm storing my media in /volume1/Emby Libraries/, whereas when I tried adding media to /volume1/Dummy Library/ there was no folder called /volume1/Dummy/ and that might make a difference?
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Control Panel -> Shared Folder
File Station ... right-click on the Emby folder and check permissions.
SSH onto the command line and got to /volume1

I've never used Emby, never even looked up what the interface is like, so I'm flying blind on this using only ideas for what I'd do to check out why something may not work.

It could be that Emby has retained some vestiges of when you used Emby as the library and this is causing issues. Then it would suggest using a completely new folder for the library instead of renaming the one before ... maybe Emby links to the folder and initially uses the folder name for the link name? Who knows. Not me :)
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I know how to look up permissions, I was just wondering if there was an easy way to look at both, side by side, and compare to see minor discrepancies.

As it turns out, I'm the owner of all except one of the folders under /volume1/Emby Libraries/, with the exception belonging to Emby. iNotify works in this folder. So I changed the owner of the other subfolders to Emby, and it seems to be working thus far.
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I found this page on setting up permissions for Emby library...

[Links to Emby support/forum work, but that link you did early in the thread is blocked for me too]
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