Install docker on DS218j

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Install docker on DS218j

The Synology Docker package is only for plus and xs models .... those running Intel 64-bit CPUs. Though @wwwampy has it on the ‘unsupported’ DS418play but it has the right CPU.

Looking at the Docker website I see they support Debian and Ubuntu on ARM CPU so a long shot is to try to build your own.
Yes, I run it on DS418play, but maybe it's the CPU. Not sure if you can run it in any J Series.
DS418play has the same CPU and upgradeable RAM as the Docker-supported DS218+. Other than saying it doesn't support Docker and VMs, and no eSata interface the DS418play is the 4-bay version of the DS218+.
Hi, I have been runnning Docker on a modded DS412 for many years but recently got a DS1817 on ebay and bought it rather blindly not appreciating the rstrictions of ARM cpus. Needless to say I was devastated when I started to utilise the 1817 I was amazed at the reduced range of apps that are available and in particular the lack of docker.

I am actively searching means of mouting docker on the unit and note the recent developments that are being made on the BUILDX/ARM project

Given that I have increased the ram in the DS1817 to 8Gb I am hopeful it is more capable than the DS218j discussed in this thread.

BUILDX has beeen around for a long while can Rusty advise if he is aware of it being utulised to mount docker onan AEM Synology nas. Furthermore are Synology inc committing any resources to develop docker on their arm units?
Hmm tempeted to look at this in my 414j...just for "shits and giggles" any hints on where you started @wwwampy?
Looks like I'm SooL.
DSM7 means it's a manual install (DSM7 runs like a complete dog on this machine).
But the CPU means it's a complete no-go Mindspeed Comcerto C2000 can't find an install for idpkg anywhere.

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