Install NeoVim and/or Vim plugins in DSM 7

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Install NeoVim and/or Vim plugins in DSM 7

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My synology came with Vim preinstalled, but I cannot figure out how to add plugins to it.
Can I install plugin managers such as Plug?
Is installing plugins even possible?

Ok. I just found out!
I'm now using vim-plug. It works as flawlessly as it does in regular Linux boxes.
Just a few plugins would not work as they require more complex installs, such as YouCompleteMe, which requires vim to be compiled with specific flags, and IndentLine, which simply did not work for me.
Everything else works pretty standard.
Outcome of PlugStatus in my synology's vim is:

  • ale: OK
  • vim-nerdtree-tabs: OK
  • vim-man: OK
  • nerdtree: OK
  • goyo.vim: OK
  • nerdtree-git-plugin: OK
  • vim-fugitive: OK
  • vim-airline-themes: OK
  • vim-yaml-folds: OK
  • typescript-vim: OK
  • gruvbox: OK
  • vim-gitgutter: OK
  • ctrlp.vim: OK
  • vim-airline: OK
  • nvim-colorizer.lua: OK
  • undotree: OK
  • nerdcommenter: OK

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