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Docker Install paperless-ng using docker-compose 2021-01-03

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Docker Install paperless-ng using docker-compose

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Artz submitted a new resource:

Install paperless-ng using docker-compose - Paperless-ng is an application which takes your scanned documents and makes them searchable via OCR

Paperless is an application by Daniel Quinn and contributors that indexes your scanned documents and allows you to easily search for documents and store metadata alongside your documents.

Paperless-ng is a fork of the original project, adding a new interface and many other changes under the hood. For a detailed list of changes, have a look at the changelog in the documentation.

We are going to install the application using docker-compose on your Synology NAS.
Here are the steps...

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Thanks! In steps 2 & 3, when you talk about modifying the files to meet our needs, how extensive of modifications are required? Any chance you can add some screenshots or expand on the instructions for us rookies so we know how big of a project we are getting into?
Hi All,
after some struggle I could have the paperless-ng working directly from docker portainer on DSM
Necessary steps are :

have a working redis (ie. hosted on docker)
If you are unsure and need to check if it is working just ssh to your nas, then type the following
docker exec -it Redis redis-cli
You should have something like that>
Then to check outside connection, go with the following
docker exec -it Redis redis-cli -h [I]192.local_ip[/I]

Then map the volumes as follows :

At first I was mapping the folders like all other containers (/config, /data, ...) but here, paperless expects a full path to work.
Just copy paste the above and you should see your folders populated.

Also now you have your redis db working, you need to have paperless point towards it. This has to be done through environment variables

Hope this helps the ones in need. Not sure my method is state of the art, I started docker things last week.
Also, I found that you would better use the consume folder to import documents instead of uploading from the webUI (causes database locks)

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