NAS Hosted Install Xpenology on Proxmox 2020

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NAS Hosted Install Xpenology on Proxmox 2020

Have you ever wanted to buy a Synology NAS but just haven’t had the money? Maybe you have some spare parts laying around and you can build a Proxmox server to test it out using Xpenology.

With Proxmox we can install Xpenology using backup templates. Now it’s even easier than ever! Check out my video below to learn how!

Subscribe to me on YouTube for more videos like this! I plan to do more with Proxmox and… I’m rebuilding my Proxmox server soon! Subscribe to follow along!

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Thx Jeremy for an interesting presentation how to use “another“ virtual DSM for a testing purposes.
So what’s your point of view from additional usage:
- how to upgrade such VM instance of DSM?
- did you tried some docker environment?
DS418play, DS213j, DS3621+, DSM 7.0.4-11091
Interesting... I had a post deleted in the "community" for using the word "Xpenology" :LOL:

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