Question Installing a forum on a NAS

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Question Installing a forum on a NAS


I think it should work (haven't tried though).

XenForo System Requirements
  • PHP: 5.6.0+ (PHP 7.2.0+ recommended)
  • MySQL: 5.5+ (MariaDB / Percona also compatible)
  • PHP extensions: MySQLi, GD (with JPEG support), PCRE, cURL, SPL, SimpleXML, DOM, JSON, iconv, ctype
  • Common PHP functions must not be disabled
If you need help with XenForo, please PM me. I've never installed a forum on NAS, so not sure if I can be for any help here.
The question as a whole is the correct setting and protection of the forum. I read somewhere that they open access to a web folder from the outside. With the installation of the forum and setting up the certificate, no questions arise.
[QUOTE = "SynoMan, сообщение: 6106, участник: 1"]
Я отмечу здесь [USER = 4] @Rusty [/ USER], он больше для поддержки NAS.
Спасибо, брат.

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