Intel Celeron J3455 vs AMD Ryzen R1600

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Intel Celeron J3455 vs AMD Ryzen R1600

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Hi there,

My second NAS is a 918+ and I've been offered a good deal to trade it in and get a 923+

The benchmarks are quite limited but I'm guessing due to the newer architecure it will perform a lot better even if it has two less cores as it has hyper threading?

Anyone made the switch and confirm whether its worth doing?

(No media stuff on the NAS but I do use it for Download Station which can get quite intensive on the CPU).

Yeah its my secondary NAS but yeah it still gets a bit of use so thats good to know.

Going to do the deal!!
You'll lose hardware transcoding. If that is important to you, you may want to use the DS423+ (which is basically a re-badged DS920+).
...minus the capacity to use the expansion bay and with soldered 2GB of RAM and one free slot accepting up to 4GB meaning you're limited to 6GB rather than 8GB of RAM.
Yeah there will be no transcoding or media on this unit but will be using Download Station which seems to tax the Celeron J3455 and even before it the Atom C2538 quite heavily.

As long as the R1600 with a fair chunk of ram will perform better on that front then in comes the DS923+ !!

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