Intel Optane P1600X SSD on sale!

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Intel Optane P1600X SSD on sale!

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Hi all,

Just FYI, Optane 1600X (118GB) is on sale for $59 USD, or $67 CND (if you're in Canada). While small, they're fantastic for SSD Cache, first off, they have the best random access speed across ALL SSDs, secondly, they do have POWER LOSS PROTECTION! Something that's only available in higher end Synology SSDs, which are a lot more expensive. Hence, you can set them up as Read/Write without worrying about data loss.

In terms of size, my 24TB DS920+ NAS (12+6+6), only advised a 100GB Cache size, and my metadata right now is 35GB which is now on the SSD. So, for most the size should be fine.

Performance impact, has been the largest I've seen! I upgraded RAM to 8GB and saw zero performance improvement, BUT the SSD cache has made the Synology so much snappier in everyday activities, and Plex launches faster and overall I am quite happy with the upgrade.

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