Internet drops while connected to Synology VPN on iOS

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Internet drops while connected to Synology VPN on iOS

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When connected to my Synology VPN on my iOS device, everything works perfectly at first. After some time, I lose internet connection. If I disconnect/reconnect to the VPN, internet connection is restored.

Has anyone had this issue? Or know where to start troubleshooting?

I am running Synology VPN Plus Server on the RT2600ac Router. I am using Synology SSL VPN, and have configured it using Synology's Tutorial. On my iOS deice, I installed Synology VPN Plus app to connect to the VPN, and am running latest iOS 15.2.1.
That is correct. I can continue to connect to devices on my LAN. But opening a website for example just times out. When looking at wifi status in the iPhone settings app, it says "No Internet Connection".

I'm not sure how long it takes before I lose internet connection. I would say at least an hour? I use my phone, all is good. Then next time I pickup my phone, I realize it has lost its internet connection.
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