Info Interview with Akira Yoshino: 2019 Nobel Chemistry Prize Winner

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Info Interview with Akira Yoshino: 2019 Nobel Chemistry Prize Winner

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I like this interview.

Dr. Yoshino’s research into Lithium Ion batteries is something experienced by all of us.
(couldn’t embed it as media, so here it is)
@SynoMan, this will expire on November 3rd. So if you wish delete this post by then.
Sometimes it is really very lucky and luxurious to be able to work(R&D) on a topic for lifetime. Yes it is sometimes even not so much matter about your capability or intelligence. It is about the endurance, your surroundings, your family...

In general, I think if can work on a topic for lifetime is a ultra happiness. To get prize like Nobel is just a small fraction of that happiness.
I liked his philosophy. What amazed me is that his company is not directly into the batteries business, yet he was allowed to work on his research for a long time until he was successful.
Not many companies can endure or allow that, especially nowadays where it’s all about profits and share prices where they try to short-circuit the life cycle to get to the go-to-market phase as soon as possible!

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