Question iOS devices backup?

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Question iOS devices backup?

Rusty, generally on iOS you you don’t need backup more than photos:
  • OS is downloadable
  • APPs also
  • contact & cal. events (up to your services, MS, G, ...) or directly from NAS
  • docs from Drive
same for Android.
Yes I can imagine more, but what is necessary for each new phone/pad? A connection.
I backup to iTunes on the Mac. I've still got the version of iTunes that has the app store in it, so have local versions of apps that restore from there. But I'm sure we restored my wife's phone from the Mac Mini that has the latest iTunes sans app store.

I started with a 1st gen iPod touch and each device from then on has been restored from the last backup of the previous device. I've not lost data in apps that I can remember. Just checked, I've still got the SMS messgaes from before I bought this iPhone so they must've come across with the restored data.

Generally, stuff that is created by the iOS device be sure you've got that saved elsewhere (just in case). I use cloud/DS storage for this. Photos are sync'ed back to the Mac via iCloud camera roll and iTunes sync for the camera videos. Also, Moments app does this.

Nowadays iOS apps can be deleted and their data settings are retained so will be there if you reinstall them ... this is how iOS manages storage and offloads apps that aren't being used much (I don't have this enabled).
I backup to iTunes on the Mac.
I used to do that but never liked how iTunes works with its all or nothing approach, then I discovered iMazing. I like the control it gives me. I once needed to recover a very important WhatsApp chat only (I hate WhatsApp) and time was of the essence. I’ve been able to do that with a few clicks. At that moment, the app paid for itself.

They’ve a free version, but to do anything useful you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version of course.
OK, you said backup ... as in able to restore. Can iMazing do that?

I've had Phoneview for years, another app I got in a software bundle purchase. Not sure about WhatsApp as I don't use FaceBook companies. Apple stopped these apps accessing installed apps and their data, which was the most useful function for me.
OK, you said backup ... as in able to restore. Can iMazing do that?
Not sure I understand your question. It’s a backup and restore solution. When I launch it on my iMac, it mounts the NAS share by itself and starts backing up the iOS device to the NAS. You can dig deep into the backup archives and extract what you want too (it keeps history).

I use it to save ipa files of apps that I need too. For example, DS Get is no longer available on the AppStore. However, I have the ipa saved and I keep installing it to new devices (until an iOS update breaks its compatibility) :D

From the site:
“You can add these apps to iMazing's app library. To do this, click the ˅ button in the iMazing toolbar, then choose Import .ipa to Library. Locate the app you want to add - its file has the app's name followed by the .ipa extension - then click Choose. The app will now be available in iMazing to install on other iOS devices.”
OK. I haven't looked at iMazing recently. With iTunes v12.6.3.6 it does that too as it still has the app store built in and downloads of apps in the iTunes Media folder. Apple released this version so that businesses can add non-app store apps to their devices, but it's downloadable from their site somewhere.

I've a couple of apps that I keep at old versions, I've saved a copy of the .ipa and if they get accidentally updated then I delete the new version and reinstall via iTunes.
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Not sure about WhatsApp as I don't use FaceBook companies.
Don’t use Facebook but I’ve completely deleted WhatsApp once, as like you, I don’t want anything to do with “them” but everyone kept telling me that they’ll send me this and that on WhatsApp (and these are business contacts!).

Once, in a meeting someone said, “I’ll WhatsApp it to you after the meeting”, I said I don’t have WhatsApp. The guy had a system crash in his brain with a core dumb allover the meeting table. He was looking at me like I’ve just climbed out of a cave!

Now I have WhatsApp to avoid such meltdowns and potential suicidal tendencies by some of our clients :(
Is this the case?! Not my experience.
I have a lot of apps that save files in their own repositories. If I lose that, downloading the app is not enough, my data will be gone! Unless I’m missing something.
it was a joke from my side about move photos from phone to the archiving
I'm not friend of a race who can make more photo posts to social media. no FB, no Insta, no Moments in NAS, ...
But, don't remember what kind of important data I can lose when I will lose my APPs. Or maybe I'm just old now :)
Maybe I'm the one whose getting old :)
To my defense, I'm still jet lagged.

But yes, same here. I'd also add (for the benefit of this thread of course) that I'm proud to say that to date I don't own a selfie stick.

Hmm… maybe we should create a pool about selfie sticks :unsure:
But @SynoMan might block me. Thinking I’ve gone mad for sure :D
OK. I haven't looked at iMazing recently.
I've now looked at it and it looks pretty good. Comparing it to my copy of Phoneview it's better, having the app management etc. I'm aware that my pegged version of iTunes will age and it's running on my old iMac (see posts passim on this subject).

Re. iTunes and iOS devices, the tie-in between a main Mac/PC library has been a pain since day one. Taking a risk to connect to a new Mac/PC's iTunes and wiping off content hasn't been something I've wanted to attempt. So I've actually bought iMazing (via a discount code) and have it now running on the MacBook Air. Like that I can copy in my archive of .ipa and have different versions of the same app available. Also to be able to manage other people's devices without lugging the iMac around :)

So far so good! Next will be to move the backup and library folders to the NAS, for the iMac. On MBA it's on an external device (for travelling).

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