iOS vs Android - is it still a huge gap within these worlds?

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iOS vs Android - is it still a huge gap within these worlds?

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I started with Macintosh Quadra 800 in 1993, it was great vs Win3.1 based on i486. In 1998 I left the Apple environment to SGI, then in 2001 move to Win/Ubuntu based world. But from 2008 back to Apple iOS just with iPhones later iPads family ecosystem. Till now.
Seems to be, that from Steve death, Apple goes to market with same attitude as rest of world at the time = immaturity, what is worse for such mad price of HW. Now I looking for step to Android world. First step is done by Sony (android based) TV.
Folow my last research in Android world there are same immaturity issues, but for better HW cost. To be sure I mean HW Android based flagships (out of Aliexpress no-name trash for 80USD).
To be sure - this is not topic for MacOS vs rest of OSs. We can open another thread if needed.

Why yes and why not? An experiences are welcome.
So, let's step into never-ending debate :)

Currently, I don't have an iPhone, still on Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android, but this 2-year-old phone won't get the latest Android 10. Really? You got to be kidding me. So if I want the latest features I need to buy a new phone. Ok, I will one day in the near future, but that will be an iPhone.

It really depends on what you need for yourself, but there is nothing that impressed me on Android. It never did, actually. I don't need all those customizations that Android offers, I know what am I doing on my phone. I just want a reliable OS and reliable device. I'm checking iPhones a few months already, ok, my daughter has iPhone 5s. It's an old phone, but it works with updates until iOS 13. That's impressive! No Android phone will get updates for so long.

Another reason is that I don't want an OS from some advertising company. I get rid of Gmail as my personal email for that and other Google services. That's why I step into the NAS world. Well, at least I feel better. I know "big brother" is everywhere and don't want to dive too deep into it, but I'm off with Google services.

I'm looking at iPhone 11 now. Seems like a phone that's great for my needs. I already have an iMac so I'm looking forward to that seamless integration and synchronization. That's what impresses me the most.

Wife just got the iPad Air 3 with Apple pencil for drawing and that's another device that is great IMO. We're already Airdroping :)
If I had to trust one platform to at least try and protect my data then that would be iOS and Apple. The problem I have with Google is that nothing is for free and so access to their services must be paid for somehow ... that must be through data-mining. As such the cost of using iOS or Android isn't purely paid through purchasing the hardware.

With Android there is a plethora of app stores ... but which are secure and validate the apps?

As a previous user of PalmOS, buying apps from a few of the web stores, I should be used to navigating them but I appreciate having a curated iOS app store (I think because malicious apps could create a costly phone bill with me knowing). For my Mac apps I prefer to buy software direct, or at least not in the Mac App Store, as there are generally fewer limitations and also upgrade paths.

I have an Android phone from work and it's ok but I'm constantly swiping back and nothing happens. I've set up the home screens to be as iOS-like as I can make it.
I tried Android once and didn’t like it at all. It felt bloated and I had a creepy feeling that a lot of things are happening in the background without my knowledge.
However, I always say to each his own. I don’t go into debates about Android vs. iOS. When it’s about to start I simply stop it and say that’s my preference.

My latest is an iPhone XR with dual sim support (two physical sims), got it from HK. I love it. It’s very convenient for me when traveling to just activate the local 2nd sim, especially for data.
@wwwampy, I’m bringing this up in case you need such feature since you’re about to buy an 11.
Camera ... I'm not a photographer and it seems a lot of focus (ha! pun) between the two handset camps has been which has the best camera. My youngest though likes to take photos and, knowing he's too young to get a birthday prez iPhone, he saved and bought an unlocked LG thingy. It was under £200 and I've got to say the photos are really good. But I've tried to use it and I think that the operator plays a large part in the results :)

Value for money isn't the same for everyone. He likes his phone and I'm ambivalent to Android, purely because I'm used to iOS. I do remember what it was like as a Mac user in 1990-early 2000 being locked out of most included peripheral and mobile software. So now I like how easy it is to use iOS and that iOS has forced other device manufacturers to support Mac.

The OS isn't the only thing ... you need to work out what the device does for you. I didn't get an iPhone until I could get an offline sat-nav app.
Agreed. Personally if there were things that I couldn’t do with a mac I would thing twice about it but as it was said the general gap between these worlds is smaller and smaller each day. This allows for users to use whatever OS/brand they want and still get things done. Truth be told the hw has gone up in price but also in quality and speaking for myself I would rather pay premium every 5-6y the every 1-2y. Upgrading my still full working, 0 scratch iphone 6 for the latest model. On top of this all of my previous models are still in use (2x iphone 4, iphone 5) and that’s what I like about this brand.
Camera ... I'm not a photographer and it seems a lot of focus (ha! pun) between the two handset camps has been which has the best camera.
You’re right. The camera has become at the top when comparing phones.

Maybe this is very important (and usable) for the phone camera generation where every meal is shot and uploaded to whatever social thing they happen to be on at the moment in addition to numerous selfies with every breath they take and every move they make!

In this day and age there’s an immediacy (whether true or perceived) to every moment the young ones go through because they need to keep on feeding the monster (the social networks they’re on) and I just feel sorry that they are not enjoying the true meaning of photography and its challenge. Most of the time it’s a “hey I’m here” cry and a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out).

I learned a lot and became much more patient because of photography. I use a camera not a phone camera.

Just my take. Might be wrong. What do I know!
I was at a concert and you couldn't see the performance for all the pricks holding up their phones to record it. I mean why bother going, if you're just going to view it through your phone screen?

Tweeting (et al) about what great fun they are having in their idyllic lives, like bloody sheep!
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How did you get used to FaceID? I like fingerprint sensor and I'm not sure about FaceID.

My iPhone 6 is feeling a bit laggy but got the cheap Apple battery replacement last year. It should last a year or more before the battery starts to lose too much charge. However, if I was to replace it the I would go for the iPhone 8 for Touch ID and smaller size (fits in a pocket easier when cycling).

Truth be told the hw has gone up in price but also in quality
It has gone up vs recent price of iMac etc but they are still cheaper than 20 years ago. I got the PowerBook G3 (Pismo) in 2001 just after the first PowerBook G4 (Al model) came out. I got the Pismo at a knockdown price of £1900 instead of £2700 the week before.

The original toilet seat iBooks were around £1600. The cheapest iMac is still now cheaper than when first released. Only the Mac Mini has gone up in price as it first came out when pricing had already dropped.

I have to remind myself of this when I'm looking to upgrade the iMac, which is a mid-2007 model.

Back to Android and iOS, both work well for everyday users once setup and any foibles have been adjusted for. The main issues will be preference for who is the manufacturer, their perceived ethics, price, long term upgradability of OS, and security of data.
How did you get used to FaceID?
Like you, I had my doubts when I was considering the iPad Pro 11, to the point where I was about to buy the previous generation’s 10.5” because it has a Touch ID. However, I made the jump and after using it on the iPad Pro I was convinced that this is the way to go. I like it and I wouldn’t want to go back to a Touch ID only device. I’m really sold.

I also like how the screen takes up the whole phone (or iPad) now. Wasn’t possible with Touch ID, and Face ID will fly through some apps, like password filling apps for instance compared to Touch ID.

The only difference between the iPad and the iPhone that I’ve noticed, is that the iPad can “read” the face in any orientation (landscape or portrait that is), while the iPhone should be held in a portrait orientation (the XR, don’t know about the new ones). Apple says iOS 13 boosts the speed of Face ID. Didn’t update my devices yet and I’ve read mixed reactions to this statement.

On a different note, keep in mind the screen offerings. LCD vs. OLED. The XR is LCD and the screen is really good, but when I look at it next to my wife’s Xs Max (OLED), it’s very clear (to me at least) that the OLED is the superior screen. The colors are amazing. So deep. Makes you want to eat the icons :)
So if you get an LCD iPhone avoid looking at the screen next to an OLED iPhone, you’ll be left wishing for an OLED :)
Dual sims were available on XS max and XR only. The difference was about US$400 and the bigger size XS Max. I couldn’t justify it. But now I see that the 11 is offered with dual sims (in HK), I’d love that in midnight green and to have that amazing OLED screen. But still there’s a big price difference between it and the XR.

Official dual physical sim iPhones are only available in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. I read that one should try buying from HK (something to do with frequency and bands compatibility with the rest of the world). That is if this interests you. If so, then you should be aware of some caveats before deciding on a dual sim iPhone.
However, if I was to replace it the I would go for the iPhone 8 for Touch ID and smaller size (fits in a pocket easier when cycling).
I read that Apple is working on incorporating Touch ID under the screen in addition to Face ID, maybe in 2020 iPhones. The sizes will keep on osculating, so who knows they might bring something smaller next year.
Back to phone topic, because laptops will open another dark side :cool:

I have installed 16 useful APPs used everyday or almost everyday for my life, include contacts, etc.
I don't belong in Smart App collectors group, then one time per year I clean unused APPs from my phone. Of course I have more than 16 mentioned APPs, but still under control of the amount of them.
I don't use phone for games, then I don't need super power of screen performance. Also for photos, I like my Nikon more, then better XX Mpix cameras in phone isn't a driver for me. Of course I make instant photos by phone, but ...

Problems of iPhone, that i don't see in iPads (use both platform across my family):
- battery draining in my iPhone 6 is pretty high (as @fredbert also wrote) for heavy users as me (2x changed from Dec 2015). First time by Apple call (problem caused by Apple itself), second time last year. Now my battery can stay from 100% to 20% max. 4 hours. From one side - it is a problem of pretty small capacity of iPhone 6 battery.
- slow start of some APPs, what was a reason of cutting off model 6 from iOS13 upgrade

What isn't enough for me in iPhone 11 basic model:
- battery 3110mAh vs 4000mAh standard in Android world (to be sure - out of Aliexpress based HW) and out of some Samsung models. It is 29% more than in iPhone 11. Why I don't compare Pro and Pro Max models = no need better camera

Back to frequently mentioned reliable OS from Apple:
I like iOS, but .... we need to accept, that last 3 years is the delivery of OS from Apple single great catastrophe. And last iOS13 is in same or worse line. It is like Microsoft approach to delivery immature product and then make immediate patches, that are more problematic. Never happened till Steve control. We need to be clear that also security issues of iOS open few Pandora boxes. Then such approach formerly known just from Android or Windows is a "standard feature" or ritual from Apple in iOS major editions (also in minor). Just remember for disconnected data operation in iOS 12, or WiFi malfunction ....

as I wrote in one Synology thread it is not about - I'm user of Synology, then everything is OK. We need to be clear enough in all technology review.
Nothing is perfect and battery technology is lacking compared to the rest of the advancements on the device itself.

Apple is obsessed with thinness (affecting the size of batteries), this might change now since Jony Ive is no longer in control of the design.

I read that the new 11 has up to 4 hours more per day. I don’t think comparing mAh capacities gives an accurate picture. There’s more to it than that as I’m sure you know. Not defending, just saying.

There’s never a forever thing and as long as Apple is driven by its share price and Wall Street, they’ll need to keep on selling and more importantly growing their sales to satisfy their shareholders. Pretty much the case for most publicly traded companies, unfortunately (because almost every decision in the company is driven by the share price).

Did you try moving to Android? Or I think you said you will. Let us know What’s your take.
personally I think the hardware is good, my only gripe is the operating system.
I read that the new 11 has up to 4 hours more per day. I don’t think comparing mAh capacities gives an accurate picture. There’s more to it than that as I’m sure you know. Not defending, just saying.
Indeed, battery capacity is only one part of the equation, with energy efficiency being the second key factor. Controlling your own hardware and software does in principle offer greater advantages in optimising for energy efficiency.

As for the broader topic of iOS vs Android, it’s a tired old topic that few people are really going to provide new insights on. Would I consider hopping over to Android? Sure. But I just don’t see anything in the ecosystem that is compelling enough to justify migrating apps, cloud services, family albums, etc etc etc. Too much hassle for no obvious benefit beyond perhaps up front price.

And even that pales in comparison to the hours spent migrating, setting up new services to share photos etc with family... Particularly if you consider that longevity of Apple devices, as they are covered with software updates for longer, tends to be better. My 7-year old retina MBP will still get the latest macOS Catalina update, my 5-year old iPad Air 2 still gets iPadOS 13, and my 3y old iPhone 7 iOS 13. So sure, they cost more up-front. But in the long run they can end up cheaper to run.
back to pragmatic discussion
the cloud services migration (client Apps) time gap is a misunderstanding of cloud service foundation. For setup of the all major cloud client Apps you need few steps in every single supported OS (Mac, iOS, Android, Lnx, Win). Then this is not a notable break point.
Specially - because we are Synology driven heavy users - when you have Syno Drive or integrated sync with others Clouds by Syno (comfort, privacy).
All public chat services you can migrate cross-platforms easy (from WUp, Viber,...)
Photos, hm all in Synology, then single host/usr/psw +2FA App setup. Include immediate synced photos from iOS.
I don’t use Social networks, then I don't care about migration of them. But all iOS APP (available in Android) can be easy transferred by this great solution: Dr. Fone. Today I tested this sw migration tool from my iphone 6 to Android phone by Win laptop. It works. And it is fast, just during coffee break. So, a perception of hours spend with migration is lack of experiences.
Last - there is not my primary issue about the price or cost of new HW. It is second misunderstanding. The price point was not mentioned (from my side). The price is for me the last one stage.
The value is more important. I have issue with changing behavior of people responsible for stable iOS product. This is the one and only problem, that nobody from us can change.
What is bad for iOS - the attitude of minor/major version issuing during last 3 years is similar, if sometime no worse, than in competitive fields. Then Apple lost a throne of reliability in iOS product. It’s a falling down. Also sales. Then it’s a time, when firewall of data monetizing will fall also (WST16 share value mentions).
Then I see, that gap within these worlds is out.
But thanks for your point of view.
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I wasn’t referring to cloud services for my own use (which are relatively easier to transition), but cloud services used more broadly among the wider familty (I.e. the more general network externality arising from the ease of use of sharing videos and pictures from family events with family members over iCloud etc), where being the odd one out would require doing the leg work to set up alternative arrangements that others can also use.

Moreover, personal experience from both home and business use has taught me that shifting platforms will without exception raise unexpected issues, and even transitions that initially appear painless usually have a sting in the tail. It’s a lesson based on bitter experience and hours of lost time when “easy fixes” turn out to be anything but, not lack of experience.

What is bad for iOS - the attitude of minor/major version issuing during last 3 years is similar, if sometime no worse, than in competitive fields. Then Apple lost a throne of reliability in iOS product. It’s a falling down. Also sales. Then it’s a time, when firewall of data monetizing will fall also (WST16 share value mentions).

Well, these are clearly subjective views, and usually I don’t take part in “Android vs iOS” or “Mac vs pc” (or “QNAP vs Synology” for that matter) etc discussions precisely because sooner or later they move to the realm of assertions of subjective opinion as fact or projections based on extrapolating those views.

What matters is that you chose a platform that works for you and that you are happy with, whatever the brand that platform happens to carry.

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