Is anyone using AV?

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Is anyone using AV?

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I tried to use AV- Essentials back with 6.2 but was told that it was not really usable on anything but the high-end systems. I thought I would try it again with 7.x and now it seems to not hang the machine, but updates take 30 hours to install. It is clear that synology does not take viruses very seriously with this and the recent announcements, so what do others do for AV protection?
There was (is?) the view that AV acting on the server itself could do unintentional harm: e.g. falsely identifying a database rather than stored data could ruin the whole database. Running AV on end-user content or as part of a service was considered to be the better approach.

If the stored data is going to be AV scanned when it's placed in storage and when it's retrieved then there's less need for server-based AV. But this puts the onus on every client device.

I'm taking WST16's comment with a touch of tongue-in-cheek. But Mac has been a lower target for a very long time, however this doesn't stop me from running AV so I don't send something to the a Windows user.
Oh lord. The naivety..
Not necessarily. I had enough of that garbage during my dark days on Windows and also when I was working for a paranoid company whose security is tighter than Fort Knox.
My NAS is kind of a closed system, pretty much controlled when it comes to whose accessing it and with what.

The last thing I need is to worry about some stupid virus checker with its stupid virus signature updates. And yes, a Mac is much less likely to have viruses. Not as it used to be but still, less.

Not saying that one should not consider it at all. Probably if I was running a business that has so many clients connected to the NAS, I *might've* considered something. But I think it's more important to have such a thing on your clients not your NAS.

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