Question Is it humane to Humanyze?

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Question Is it humane to Humanyze?

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If you weren't depressed before ...

"It's so precious that I put it in this metal case and keep it in my lockable metal cabinet" ... with a sign saying "Beware of the leopard"

It's already partly possible just by monitoring cell, WiFi, and Bluetooth signals sent out by mobile devices. They don't have to be connected to a network as there're identifiable IDs in these signals. Then add a connected, authenticated, work device that spends most of the day next to a personal, unconnected device and a pretty good assumption can be made of where you are if the work device is left on the desk while you 'take your ease'.
You’re right. This is very depressing. I’ll try to focus on more uplifting subjects in the future.
The last thing we need is a depressed SynoForum. We can have a dose of that anytime just by going to the “other forum”.

In the meantime, and as a final warning before closing the subject and moving to an uplifting future; start building the shelter, not much time left :)

Personally, I think I’ll throw the towel and go join uncle Pokémon.

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