Solved Is it possible to restore Hyper Backup data to a PC/MAC

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Solved Is it possible to restore Hyper Backup data to a PC/MAC

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Hello all, I am new to this forum and am currently trying to figure out how I can get my data out of a hyper backup.
I have a DS411 Slim for about 5 years and it has recently failed with a constant blue flashing light on the side and not lighting up any of the 4x1Tb hdd's. Attached to the NAS is an external USB drive which has a complete backup of the entire DiskStation and its volumes.

Is there a way of restoring the backup from the USB drive to a non Synology device as I don't really want to buy another enclosure to complete the restore if I can help it.
My Mac doesn't read the file system when I connect the USB drive to it, though a virtual Kubuntu VM is able to read the file system, however I'm not sure what to do and how to recover from here?

All helpful comments, tips, tricks are gratefully accepted.
Thank you.
Ditto @Rusty

Go to Synology’s download pages and look for the desktop utilities tab.

I’m hoping the external drive is formatted with a filesystem supported by Mac (Ext4 isn’t natively supported). There are third party utilities for Ext4 etc. Or you could use Virtualbox to run a virtualised Linux on the Mac to mount the disk and then use file sharing to access the vault.

Edit: ok so I didn’t finish reading that the filesystem is as I suspected.
Hi and thank you for your knowledge.
I downloaded Hyper Backup Explorer for Linux and it worked like a charm. In the process of recovering almost 3TB of my data which is fantastic, thank you so much as I thought I may have an uphill battle.
Appreciate your help guys and merry Christmas to you all.

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