Is it possible to save continuous and events?

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Is it possible to save continuous and events?

It looks like there are options to either save all video recorded or just save motion events. Is there any way to save both?

I would like to maintain a couple of weeks of continuous data on the NAS but I would also like to use cloud sync and have motion events stored on a Dropbox or google drive as well. My NAS will be locked up but I still worry about if we were burglarized and someone took the NAS and thus we are left with no videos. I think syncing all the video to the cloud would use too much bandwidth but just the events might be a good compromise.
First limitation is your data bandwidth to internet (upload). What kind of connection is there? (xDSL, FTTx, WiFi, WTTx, LTE,...) and what throughput (upload)?
What amount of data you will sync to the cloud daily? Then you need take a calculator and prepare a scenarios for possible bottlenecks.
My internet connection is 150 mbps up and down. Fiber to the house and has very consistently done that.

We are replacing a six camera Arlo setup with POE cameras and Synolgy. The Arlo never had any issues and it uploads all events.

I don’t want to over saturate my connection cloud syncing continuous footage but I figured just the motion events would be a good compromise and shouldn’t use too much bandwidth. Even if a bunch of events happened at once it shouldn’t crash it would just take longer to sync them while everything was still being stored locally.

My NAS will be in a safe room with a locked vault style door. If anyone gets to it it will take them some time. The cameras hopefully will have recorded and uploaded enough prior to that happening.
150mbps is ok and FTTx is best from stability point if view.
then you can use encryption for such sensitive data in NAS Shared folder, to enhance a security
You can stream 4k HEVC in dolby Atmos :) to your Cloud backup site
Re your Unifi switch:
do you have USW24 or USW24Pro?
When Pro versions (better for PoE performance, 450W), then you can prepare both Fiber wire for your future possible upgrade of fast line between NAS and switch.
This switch has 2x 10G SFP+ ports. And your NAS has possible upgrade to 10G network adapter. But there is a physical limit of 30m for such SFP+ by 10GBASE-T SFP+ Copper module.
USW24 has only 2x1G SFP. Then do nothing.
I have the USW-24 not the pro.
We have lived in our house nine years and have never had any crime issues but you never know. We live on 27 acres and have several outbuildings, equipment outside, etc so it just seemed wise to have the cameras.
I don’t think events are recorded separately. I know that you can have notifications emailed to you with snapshots. Check page 41 of the user’s guide.
Yes I see that option. There is an option to only record motion events but it appears to be an either or setting. I want the full video to have context and maybe see things that are outside the range of the motion detection but I thought it would be nice to have just the motion events synced to the cloud.

I was fooling around with the camera earlier and it has an option to ftp video clips. I may be able to make that work have the SS record continually and then have the cameras ftp motion clips to the NAS and then have that folder synced to the cloud.
Try the cameras option and see. Check if there’s anything other than plain vanilla, FTP. A more secure option if possible. I don’t like enabling FTP on my devices. It’s weak. I’m more concerned about the NAS side of course.

I tried the send notification alarms but it was so annoying I ended up turning it off. It was triggered when birds land in the camera zone or a cat decides to pass through for example.
Didn’t have the patience to fine tune the sensitivity, it’s not easy to strike the right balance.

Ended up with just continuous recording enabled over a one week window. I seldom look at what’s recorded, only when I need to check something every now and then.
What kind of camera settings are you using?

I have reolink 410 5MP cameras. I have them set at 2,560 x 1,920, 15fps, 8,192 bitrate. It looks like it will be about 80 gigs per day per camera. I have ten cameras. I have 17 TB of space but only wanted to allocate 10 TB for SS which means only about 12 days of stored video. This is likely ok but I was kind of hoping to have a longer time stored. I often go out of town for longer than that and it would be good to have video for the whole time of my absence.

If I reduce any of the above settings it will reduce the data size but I am not really sure which to change and why.
I’m using a higher resolution than you but much lower bitrate. But I only have two cameras.

I think your settings are reasonable. But I would try variable bit rate instead of constant (from what little I read, it can be more efficient). For static scenes (no motion over a long period of time) it will save space and bandwidth as I understood.

Also try to reduce the maximum bitrate and see. Slash it to half what you’re using now. That might make a big difference without too much affect on image quality.

Check if the cameras support the new H.265+ video format. It has better compression with almost no degradation. Much less network bandwidth and storage space, over the older H.265 format. What video format you use makes a big difference and might have the biggest impact.

Experiment with one camera until you find the sweet spot and replicate the settings to the rest.

Below is what I have. I didn’t give it much thought though. I think the recording quality is fine. Although I wanted to experiment with the bit rate by increasing it to 2000 and 4000, but never got around to do that.
For you, considering that this is your primary use of the NAS and given the high number of cameras, it makes a lot of sense to fine tune the settings.
But I’m sure you’ll discover many other uses if you keep coming to SynoForum, especially that you have a very capable unit :)


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