Is that 1.3 I see in downloads?

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Is that 1.3 I see in downloads?

Only there for RT6600ax when I check. Plus that v1.3 is stamped 10th January so not exactly a recent version, given a new product usually has bugs to squish.

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If I select RT2600ac all downloads, why would it show 6600firmware?
I see a separate area for 6600, but it reports same version
Think it’s a mistake?
Download it, and try and apply it, see what the warning will say. Then you will be sure if its compatible.
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Yes, User manual is V1.3 I guess I just killed some paper.... Will make interesting reading... This wasn't there yesterday. I've been checking daily waiting for manual..... I considered doing that, Rusty, but I'm no where ready to do that.... I've sectioned off my LAN with Firwall rules to 'kind-of' equate a VLAN, and need to learn how update, now with VLAN, how I'll have to change my existing settings... Have much reading to do...
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@Jan Janowski what makes me chuckle is all the posts you have regarding not jumping on to DSM 7 ... and yet on day 1 of SRM 1.3 (albeit on really for RT6600ax and virtually no-one has one) you seem to be all over it! Ha! Ha! Ha!

What have you done with Jan?

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