Is that 1.3 I see in downloads?

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Is that 1.3 I see in downloads?

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I wanted to get user manual and read, as I’m unfamiliar with VLAN, and had separated my LAN Into groups so one group could not access the other and such. Because I was told SSV9 manual would not come out until release, I’ve been looking for SRM 1.3,m shows up, so I could get manual of same.
A spare NAS testing and breaking is one work around… no spare router makes me read and reread manual!
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Just received this:

You are right that is confusing. Insteading of placing everything Router-based in one section I suspect that it would be much easier to tell things apart such as operating systems or updates. I will report this to management in our meeting this afternoon. Thank you again for bringing this to my attention.

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what makes me chuckle is all the posts you have regarding not jumping on to DSM 7 ... and yet on day 1 of SRM 1.3 (albeit on really for RT6600ax and virtually no-one has one) you seem to be all over it! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Because risking your entire network easier than trashing each device individually ???? 🍻
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I was not baiting. It appeared to be there.
Yeah, yeah. That's what you say. I don't doubt you when you say you saw what you saw... and you thought (or actually) saw 1.3 for the other routers. Guinea pigs are what you were after to get 1.3 ready for the masses (you and me, et al).

[Just a bit of levity to break up the day ;)]
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I posted the Support Reply on this where they say it is confusing that 6600 firmware is posted at 2600 download site, and itt's presence there was to be discussed.....

It's still there
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