Is the DS920+ right for me?

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Is the DS920+ right for me?

So glad I can take the time to play and did this before my old one expired or filled. :)

Been playing and I can see what you mean about multiple volumes, i seem to have issues creating mapped drive letters. They dont show up. Although selecting map drive letter shows them assigned to that letter.

Add network location seems to be fine now. Just spotted the option to set capacity limits for users. Seems a better idea.

Plex actually worked with my TV.. One tick boxed ticked. Seemed to take a while for the couple of test files i added though. Learned about plex is a user and needs permissions. :)

Just wondering if I really need SHR or whether an extra 8TB will be useful in the future?

If you are mapping drives to a windows machine, it's been an exercise in futility for me to keep them linked. A better solution seems to be to create shortcuts in Windows Explorer for them per @Telos suggestion in this post. Seems more robust than mapping drives so far.

Just wondering if I really need SHR or whether an extra 8TB will be useful in the future?
It really depends on your current storage needs for the media files that are easy to replace. Those you could keep on the single 6TB drive with no redundancy and no backup, thus maximizing space on your SHR volume.

Everything else that doesn't fall under this category should be on the SHR volume, organized by shared folders, with Hyper Backup (preferably both local to a USB drive and cloud) taking care of backup overnight for example.

While raid/shr is not backup, if and when the "mango" hits the fan, you'll (much more likely to) have the option to replace a drive and resilver instead of a completely destroyed raid 0 where you have to restore everything from backup.

Plex creates both a user and a shared folder (for its config files and library data) and it only needs access to that and the shared folder(s) where your media is
Thanks guys, google and youtube answered a lot of questions and created even more :)

Is there a record for the number of resets done before leaving it be? :)

Tinkered with Plex and got my mum to connect, silly.. her TV does not have a Plex app.
But she has a PC connected to her TV, cheap thing thats probably less powerful than the
920+. Didnt have time to try a file, got a couple ready in various bitrates.

Not found a way to share just a folder yet.. What am i missing?
EDIT: Think I sussed it.. Just add another share folder and select hide sub folders and files..

Think I am ready to ditch the Multiple Volumes now... :) Who knows this maybe the last reset...

Thanks. Don't think im ready for part SHR and part standard, SHR for now and I can add the
external addon or upgrade the size of the drives later if needed.

20ish TB should last me a while, old box was just under 9TB and quite a bit can stay on that as the backup
and old files i may never need again.


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