Is this for real?

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Is this for real?

Well, they have buyer protection guarantees and such?

Hmm, still sounds fishy tho!

From my personal experience it doesn’t really matter that Amazon is advertising goods and all the guarantees the buyer gets, if it is too good to be true then it isn’t worth going for.

Since I happen to live in a 3rd world country (even if it really isn’t one when looked up in atlas) where you can’t get a proper iron for your clothing and my SO set her eyes on some “super-duper” Polti steaming iron we ordered through Amazon.

While damn shipping was as much as the device itself (400€ total) what came to us after 29 days was well used and broken( pieces missing, not being able to turn the thing on), not even packaged properly even though Amazon was the seller.

Sending it back for a refund was PITA. Lost some 50€ on that deal. Bought similar device locally for approximately same amount.

Bottom line - if there is a way to get it locally do it.

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