blackvoid Is your data safe? World backup day 2021

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blackvoid Is your data safe? World backup day 2021

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Is your data safe? World backup day 2021

Every year March 31st is #WorldBackupDay. In case you are unaware, this is the day that you should backup your data if you haven't already (shame on you!). Of course, you should have regular backups of all your crucial content, but just in case, if you forgot, go and do it now.

How do you backup your data?​

So how do you backup your data? Daily, weekly, monthly, all of the above? Multiple copies, multiple locations, off-site, cloud? You do know that your backup needs to have a backup as well, right?

Would like to point out some articles on this blog regarding NAS backup, apps that can be used for those scenarios as well as some methods that include 3rd party cloud backup as an ultimate disaster scenario.

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Let us be thankful that World Backup Day was not scheduled to occur annually on February, 29th, rather than the last day in March! ;)

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