DSM 6.2 Issues with video Information using TMDB

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DSM 6.2 Issues with video Information using TMDB

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Hello like everyone, my VideoStation (2.5.0-1656) is now using only TMDB to get metadata on my videos. Most of the time it works fine but there seems to have an issue when the title of the a TV show is ambiguous.

I have this show "Kingdom", a Korean zombie tv show. All episodes are in a folder called "Kingdom (2019)" with file named "Kingdom.S01EXX.m4v" and for each episode, the tag in it contains the same title and the year field contains "2019".

First issue: When VideoStation looks for it, it does not take the year into account and it give me a 2014 TV show.
If I get into the show and edit info and search for "kingdom 2019" I have only one hit and it is the good one.
Second issue: If I select the correct show from the search, the cover and other info are updated but not the episodes inside.
So I need to go on each episode and do the same search with "kingdom 2019" and update it.
In the past it used to update all episodes when the show is updated, which makes sense.

To Synology:
1- If the parser finds a year, could it please be used to get the correct show?
2- If a show is updated, could it please update all episodes within that show?

Any tips to make it easier would be appreciated!
Not sure if Synology is looking at this forum? Any other place I should raise the issues?

Got to agree that VS can be tricky with correcting TV shows and episodes. I've had a number of time where it was necessary to go through each episode after fixing the matched show.

You could try renaming the files 'Kingdom (2019).sNNeNN.title.ext'.

There is also that VS doesn't update items if they are locked (check the item's settings) plus it also reads in any saved .vsmeta files when rebuilding/refreshing its database. So once you are happy with all the tagging of your media you should go to the library page in settings and export each library as .vsmeta files...

While not perfect in automated tagging, I find Plex much better and also fixing multiple items is supported. Also, TV episodes are updated when the TV match is fixed. And it supports TVDB still.
I find Plex much better
I tried it at the beginning but I find it to be more ressource hungry... Also now I'm all setup on my TVs, phones and all. Would prefer to stick with VS.
VS doesn't update items if they are locked
I tried with both lock and unlocked, with a clean folder each time (no vsmeta) same behavior nothing gets updated
You could try renaming the files 'Kingdom (2019).sNNeNN.title.ext'.
Doesn't change anything, still gives me the 2014 on clean folder

I have looked at the API for TMDB, there is a field in the query to specify first_air_date_year. If they could just try to leverage this it would work I'm quite sure. I asked them let's see if they react! :)
I tried it at the beginning but I find it to be more ressource hungry... Also now I'm all setup on my TVs, phones and all. Would prefer to stick with VS.
Fair point. I find Plex more robust for some audio track formats (e.g TrueHD, DTS). But I do still have VS available.

Pity about ignoring the year in the file name.

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