It's Amazing How Much Stuff The NAS Holds

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It's Amazing How Much Stuff The NAS Holds

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I am getting reday to sell one of my Synoligies. (220+) to make space for a new RS822+ (y)

I have been going through tons of stuff I've stored over ~15+ years... some of it I haven't looked at since then!

Damn, I must of deleted at least a TB of crap I never used... and it was some time and effort sorting through all the stuff.

Glad that's done!
In general newer stuff is bigger than older, due to processing and storage becoming cheaper over time. I’ve lots of old stuff squirrelled away that’s mostly never going to be used* but vs my media libraries that old stuff is tiny.

Not sure why I keep this stuff. Maybe it’s to bunk out the target for data rot, cannon fodder if you like. But I know it doesn’t work like that so I think it’s because, fundamentally, I’m lazy.

*such as installers and archives for old Macs and Palm OS devices i have in the loft. Great at the time but am I really going to ever use them again? Nope!
My system is used primarily for media. We prefer classic stuff so I've ripped a lot of box sets, first to two separate sets of disks on two kodi systems, but since about a year ago, I moved everything to a NAS. Much nicer. Most of it is rather permanent though as we love watching reruns.

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