Java remote debug TCP ports not exposing in VMM

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Java remote debug TCP ports not exposing in VMM

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Im having issues trying to get an image in virtual machine to listen to all the service ports that my work application uses.
So for work we typically run Virtual Box with our own ubuntu OS image that runs our server application.
I've been trying to run the image on my DS920+ using virtual machine manager.
Ive got it running, can ssh into it. All seems fine.
The only issue is that when running our java application image on VMM it is only listening to the postgres, http and ssh ports.
When running the image in virtual box it listens to rest-http, postgress, ssh but also our cip server, java remote debug server as well as others.

Virtual box has the ability to configured network adapters whether they are in bridged mode or NAT. My dev ops manager has said that as long as the network interface of the VM is setup as bridged it will work fine.

VMM doesn't seem to have the ability to really configure the network interfaces?
In the network tab of the VM theres only one dropdown of the network and configuring that network only leads to choosing the model of the interface but nothing about NAT or bridged mode.

Am i missing something or is this just a limitation of VMM?

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