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blackvoid k6 - load and performance testing platform

k6 - load and performance testing platform

Ever wanted to test out how fast your site was? Then you probably heard of JMeter? Well, today I would like to turn your attention to an open-source platform that’s not running in a UI under Java (?!?!) but rather from the command line. The best part is, your can Docker it.

Loadimpact is now k6

If you ever needed or wanted to run any type of smoke, soak, or stress tests, you probably heard of Well, they have decided to rebrand as k6 Cloud. Still, as much as you can use their services from their cloud, you can use the complete solutions and pull it from GitHub if you want to run it locally.

If you are more like me, and running in Docker would be your choice, then just pull this image from Docker Hub.

So what is this all about? The idea behind this article is just to show you how simple it is to simulate visits on your site (or any web service) and the time needed for visitors to be presented with your content. Considering that you might want to see what would happen if you get an increased number of users in a specific time frame (let's say 10 or 100 users in 30 sec), k6 can help you simulate those requests and stress test your infrastructure and Internet speed to give you the overall idea where the problem might be.

Now in this article, I simply want to get you started. If you chose to dig deep, you can consult a detailed documentation on k6 website and start writing your own scripts.

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