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sup ladies/gents,
business question - I am new to Linux - so, from Synology's point of view, how do/did they decide which kernel to choose ?

Would it not be simpler for DSM development to have all units run the same updated kernel version ?

Would DSM developers and third party have fewer or more problems? What about customers - aren't we missing features ?



welcome in this forum,

re kernel version:
there is a simple answer - we haven’t idea.
this kind of question yo have to address to Syno R&D directly

but, there is big BUT, yo need to take into consideration:
Syno DSM Lnx kernel version doesn’t necessarily match with official Lnx kernel version.
Discovered many times in past. Reason? I don’t know. I don’t like an assumptions.
But from my side, there must be an approach reason - positive (hot fixes of DSM) and negative (hard coded changes).

Regarding rest of your Q:
- there isn’t a global guarantee that Syno is one and only pill for each diseases
- you need to be more open, when your approach is to purchase new (for you) unknown technology. But This approach is welcome for me - research then purchase.
- even, when you are from other competitive vendor, this approach is welcome, because you have an interest to build knowledge from users :)

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