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sup ladies/gents,
business question - I am new to Linux - so, from Synology's point of view, how do/did they decide which kernel to choose ?

Would it not be simpler for DSM development to have all units run the same updated kernel version ?

Would DSM developers and third party have fewer or more problems? What about customers - aren't we missing features ?

welcome in this forum,

re kernel version:
there is a simple answer - we haven’t idea.
this kind of question yo have to address to Syno R&D directly

but, there is big BUT, yo need to take into consideration:
Syno DSM Lnx kernel version doesn’t necessarily match with official Lnx kernel version.
Discovered many times in past. Reason? I don’t know. I don’t like an assumptions.
But from my side, there must be an approach reason - positive (hot fixes of DSM) and negative (hard coded changes).

Regarding rest of your Q:
- there isn’t a global guarantee that Syno is one and only pill for each diseases
- you need to be more open, when your approach is to purchase new (for you) unknown technology. But This approach is welcome for me - research then purchase.
- even, when you are from other competitive vendor, this approach is welcome, because you have an interest to build knowledge from users :)
I just run into problems because of an old kernel version on one of my DistStations:

Some docker images don't run on outdated kernels
For me, it was an update on my yourls image which broke my installation.
Now I only get the error log
Warning: Undefined array key 1 in Standard input code on line 8

[Tue Sep 07 12:36:07.003192 2021] [:crit] [pid 1] (38)Function not implemented: AH00141: Could not initialize random number generator

Its a DS916+ running DSM 7.0-41890 kernel version 3.10.108

In a threat (about another docker image) about this error log I found the conclusion, it's a bug in kernel versions 3.16 and below: Could not initialize random number generator · Issue #630 · docker-library/wordpress
bugreport: #978045 - apache2-bin: Immediate exit with "AH00141: Could not initialize random number generator" - Debian Bug report logs

Any ideas from the community?
I also filed a Synology ticket about this kernel version.

and it will be even worse

because the new Syno DSM7 foundation was created on the really old Linux LTS kernel version, which will expire in 2022 (next year). So, we can forget in the new DSM for:
- Async IO support
- Btrfs swap files support (no need swap partition)
- NVDIMMs support (include BTRFS in usage; it is a powerful weapon for the virtualisation)
- advanced ARM support, then no future for the ARM CPUs in next-gen Syno NASes running with the DSM7
and more security ofc ... in the DSM7

4.9 kernel EoL is for 2023
and here is the LTS/EoL chart:

Ideas: containers give you the freedom to run on any system that supports them
this is info I found

how to find out what kernel version you have (I have dsm 6.2.4-25556 ver 2 AND it has (
Linux name of my nas 4.4.59+ #25556 SMP PREEMPT Sat Aug 28 02:17:26
CST 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux synology_apollolake_918+ ) so it seems like 4.4.59 is latest and below is a page with the vulnerabilities as of 2018 .

Synology : Security vulnerabilities

but version 4.4.59 shows NO vulnerabilities...

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