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You might want to take some inspiration of the docker-compose.yml provided by the devs of kutt:

I assume they simply did build the image from the repo, and pushed it to dockerhub, so just download the yml, replace "build: ." with "image: dasmeta/kutt". Download thedevs-network/kutt as well. Put it in the same folder as the docker-compose.yml and change the filename to .env. Then configure the file .env file and replace all hostname appearances of localhost with the container_name from the docker-compose.yml. When finished, spin up the container zoo with docker-compose up -d

Judging by the lack of documentation, I would normaly advise to stay away from this image.. But as the project is available on Github and everything to build the image is already there... worst case you can build your own updated image whenever you feel the urge.
I ve read on synoilogy forums that use yml files on Synology is not too good... any ideas About this? I ve installed portainer, and usually create the dockers from terminal, but Im not sure about .yml files...Any comments about this ?
I just read on the synology forum, I don t have Any special reason.
Last weekend I used and yml to install verken plex dashboard and all was based on yml file... To not use on my Synology, i used on my Raspberry .... Im not an expoert, so i prefer to be “conservative”

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