LAN services are accessible from the Internet?

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LAN services are accessible from the Internet?

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Any ideas as to hoe to resolve this one guys? The NAS needs to be accessible from the internet so that my forum can be accessed.

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If I choose the 'Open Control Panel' option it takes me to the 'configure router' page which has nothing set up on it.
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@fredbert LOL, okay .... The iPad does support that is split screen view. So FileBrowserGO should support it too :)
@Robbie If only I had the hardware :)

Okay silly question folks. I've set up the VPN server on the NAS, and I've configured OpenVPN on the iPad and connected..... I've disconnected the Wi-Fi so I'm on 4G i.e. WAN. OpenVPN shows I'm still connected to the NAS via VPN.... I open the iPad Files app and try to connect to server as:
1) NAS IP Address - nothing
2) - nothing
So what am I missing?
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Hmm FileBrowserGO allows me to connect to the NAS as \\NASNAME, alas that does not seem to work in the Files app.
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Humph, 5 minutes later I reconnect the VPN and use the Files app to get to the NAS using its IP address and it all works. Sheesh!
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