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Info Lastpass to Bitwarden

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Yes, this one:

Just got this setup. How do I RP this to HTTPS? I created the RP rule my domain 443 to http localhost (nas) bitwarden custom port, which is a container port 80. Can I just add a third custom port, to container port 443?
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Not working for some reason. I'm entering the lines as such:

variable -e SMTP_HOST

Should the \ 's be after each?

Here's the line codes from resource:
-e SMTP_HOST=<smtp.domain.tld> \
-e SMTP_FROM=<[email protected]> \
-e SMTP_PORT=587 \
-e SMTP_SSL=true \
-e SMTP_USERNAME=<username> \
-e SMTP_PASSWORD=<password> \
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If you are using the Docker UI then enter it:

variable SMTP_HOST (no other char apart from the ones in CAPS)

Still not working. Here's the screenshot:

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So when you try and register, you don’t get any emails or anything like that? BW container log has to have some info?
I was already registered prior to entering in SMTP settings. I now created an organizational unit and attempting to add/invite a user; no email invite is being sent. Furthermore, I see a send email confirmation button when I first login and nothing is sent after hitting that.

Sent logs in a PM
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This may be related to some security on gmail which doesn't allow Bitwarden to send the mails.
I had that issue too when I first configured smtp. You may need to activate the "Less secure apps" access from HERE
In order to keep the feature active you may also want to send a test email from the bitwarden admin panel since this option deactivates itself if it's not seeing anything using it for some time.
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