LDAP server with Google Workspace

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LDAP server with Google Workspace

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Hello everyone,

my organization uses Google Workspace and I would like to allow the Workspace users accessing the NAS of the organization by using the same credentials of the Google account.
I would have tried this tutorial but unfortunately the version of Google Workspace in use by the organization does not support secure LDAP.

The second option I found is to use Synology LDAP Server and Google Cloud Directory Sync by following this tutorial, but in this case I would need to replicate on Synology LDAP server the users already existing in Google Workspace and all this works only one way, so changes on the Google Workspace users are not affecting the LDAP Server.

As far as you know, do other options exist or the second one I listed is the unique possible in my case? Would you suggest to use Synology LDAP Server or maybe OpenLDAP in Docker would be a better solution?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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