Question Licence for MailPlus, not MailPlus Server?

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Question Licence for MailPlus, not MailPlus Server?

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As I understand it, you need a licence if you want to have more than five MailPlus users. Everything I've read refers to MailPlus, not MailPlus Server. So... can you run MailPlus Server for more than five users if those users are working from an email app - Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, WhatEver - rather than the fancy MailPlus web based system?
It's related to MailPlus / MailPlus Server are considered the same thing w.r.t. licencing. You get five free licences and these relate to five email accounts. In a high availability cluster then the combined licences of 10 users will be used.

Given that licences are managed in MailPlus Server then it's fair to say that by avoiding MailPlus webmail will not get around the licence limit.

Have a read of this...License & Account where is says
  • If your mail system has been detected to match the following conditions:
    • Using an illegal license key
    • Using expired license keys, resulting in the authorized limit of the users to be outnumbered by the currently activated users
    • Activating more users than the authorized limit of the users
  • The operations of the MailPlus Server's user interface will be restricted with the security-related services being stopped until you have enough number of valid license keys in your mail system.

I read this as saying that when you add your sixth user account then the mail server and webmail will still work but without the security features. Does this mean just AV/anti-spam, and black/white lists or also the DKIM, SPF etc? I can't say.

However, if you aren't using MailPlus webmail then there's only a little difference between Mail Server (with its unlimited user accounts) and MailPlus Server. Maybe a little bit of command line tweaking if you really need to, like I do... Add catch-all address to Mail Server
there's only a little difference between Mail Server (with its unlimited user accounts) and MailPlus Server
Thanks, maybe someone will do a comparison chart one day... I briefly installed MailPlus Server but it seemed to want to take over my current MailServer users so I didn't progress. TBH, I could legally run MPS on my Disk Station as I only have two or three email users. But at another DS there are more than five and - as I'm easily confused - like to keep the same apps running on the different servers wherever possible.

Maybe I'll feel braver once I'm fully up and running.

One difference I may have noted is grey-listing which Mail Server doesn't do. And more fancy reports.
There is some stuff on the Synology web site but you have to dig for it. It's useful to have an understanding on one of the packages so that you can easily note differences when reading about the other.

As for grey-listing and fancy reports ... that's something you'll have to decide. I use Mail Server as an archiver: mail to my public domain comes to my email service and then I forward all to home. I limit incoming SMTP at the firewall to just the email service servers. All the mail filtering AV and spam is really done prior to the NAS.
All the mail filtering AV and spam is really done prior to the NAS.
I have something similar set up. Mail is routed elsewhere where its checked then redirected to my server for delivery to local users. So, yea, don't need no fancy reports really.

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