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Link aggregation for faster VPN connection

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So a colleague of mine will work in remote for some months and he will mostly edit Excel, Word and PPT files.

At the moment when working in remote the connection is not as fast as it should. In local it works perfectly.

We are using Open VPN to connect to the syno.

We never did a link aggregation and we read online it should make the data transfer a bit faster right?

Will it also work over VPN or just local?

We have a DS920+

Many thanks in advance!
Link aggregation will not work faster, but you can get more bandwidth.
That extra bandwidth is available if more clients ask for data, a single client will never benefit.

Then, it will also not work over internet, as the complete cabling should be double, and that seems not possible over internet. so no hope for your collegue. Another ISP might help...
You can test the OpenVPN speed by connecting to the NAS's VPN Server from a client on the same LAN. If it's better than the remote OpenVPN connection then that would point to network throttling somewhere from your router/ISP connection and the remote client.

Not all internet connections have the same or similar outbound speed as they do inbound. For instance, my home 200Mbps cable connection is 200Mbps inbound but only 20Mbps outbound. This is ok for consuming content from the Internet but no so good serving content: enough for the remote access needs we have.

If both the remote and local ISP connections are like mine then their combined outbounds will slow data that is served by the NAS (outbound from NAS) and uploaded to the NAS (outbound from client).

Other things could be an ISP applying traffic controls to non-Web/streaming traffic. But if both ends are business-grade or have stated high in/out bandwidths then it's unlikely to be what I've said above.
Do you require that the files are in realtime updated to the NAS? If not you could consider using Synology Drive to share files/folders. I'm using Synology drive in combination with a VPN to my router (I don't want my NAS to be too directly linked to the internet).

You can set up rules for selective syncing or only sync a file when the remote user opens it (the first open action will take still longer but afterwards it will sync bidirectional in the background).

Use something like to check if your ISP's connection is symmetrical (down link has the same bandwidth as the uplink) or asymmetrical.
Do the same from the other side where your colleague is working. Although I believe what matters more is your side since you're serving the files, but it depends on what's the traffic like with the open files.

Below is the result of a speedtest check indicating a symmetrical link.


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