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@PlanetDyna well considering that you are a beginner let's focus on the Synology Docker UI instead of SSH docker compose or run command line

01. Open Docker UI on your NAS and in the Registry section search for "yourls". 1st result is what you want. Select it and click the Download button.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 13.35.00.png

02. After you get a notifications that the download is complete switch to the Image section and locate the image. Select it and click Launch button

03. Enter the name (your choice) and select the options as shown (there is no reason to use a lot of ram for this container. Click the Advanced button.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 13.37.09.png

04. On Advanced settings click Auto restart and then move to the Port Settings tab
05. Here define a port of your choice that will match the internal port of the container running on port 80. Lets say 3000. Example below

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 13.40.30.png

Do not change the container port value, only the local port side (this goes for any docker container)!

06. Jump to the last tab, Environment and along those variables that already exist, add 3 more using the plus sign in the upper left corner:

Missing one more variable from the image: YOURLS_SITE that needs to match the domain name used when accessing this application.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 13.44.15.png

Keep in mind that for this to work you will need a running MariaDB or MySQL instance where you have already set up a Database under the name of yourls and created a user and password that has permission for that database.

In the Value section on the right-hand side, enter the correct values. For your DB_HOST enter the IP address of your SQL instance followed by a port, 3306, or any other custom one.

Click Apply and finish the wizard. After the container has landed inside the Container section of Docker, run it.

Access the app on: http://yourdomain.something:port/admin (also works via reverse proxy with https if you configure it, but then change the YOURLS_SITE parameter to match your URL
Hope it helps.
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Wow, thanks Rusty.

Many thanks for your time!
I have followed the instructions, unfortunately it does not work.

YOURLS_DB_HOST = IP of my Synology NAS + Port 3306 (MariaDB)? Or am I wrong?


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