linuxserver-Grocy1 installed - grocery lists on steroids

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linuxserver-Grocy1 installed - grocery lists on steroids

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@Geeked - inspired by you. :)

Putting this here so others can easily find it, and so that you could maybe share how you use it if they are interested.

I installed
  1. Downloaded linuxserver--grocy1 (via Registry tab in Docker) and started it
  2. Created grocy directory and set a mount path (not sure if this is required or not)
  3. Set 8443:443 in container Settings to avoid port conflict w/other Synology services using 443
  4. Launched and sign-in page appeared.
  5. Signed in w/default credentials (admin/admin) and initial page comes up w/out issue
Haven't started using it yet, and may never get past just playing with it, but it looks like such a cool tool that it deserves more notice.

2020-04-03 11_42_09-Missy.jpg

2020-04-03 11_42_16-Missy.jpg

2020-04-03 11_18_07-Stock overview _ grocy.jpg
Just registered as I wanted to say thanks for this and add a little info as well.

I had it Grocy running but couldn't work out how to amend the config files/environment variables to change any settings, like Currency. if you follow your steps but create the volume /config entry first when you run the docker it will popular the docker/grocy dir with everything from the /config dir on the container allowing you to edit things on the container like the config file.

I could then stop the container navigate to /docker/grocy on my NAS, and then go to /docker/grocy/data and edit the config.php to change the Currency to GBP.

Some other things I did in addition to your steps was setup a DNS entry in my router(PFSense) to point grocy to my NAS, then on the Synology I setup a reverse proxy, so I could just go to https://grocy.local.lan (local.lan being my internal domain) and it would take me to my NAS without the need to remember the port (high on the Wife Approval Factor), and will also to the redirect and url masking so you will never see the port in the address bar.

I did this by going Control Panel -> Application Portal -> Reverse Proxy, then created a new entry. Description was "grocy", Source https://grocy.local.lan, Destination https://NAS-IP:8443.
Yes, the reverse proxy is a cool addition, and thanks for the info on editing config file. :)
You should be able ot change the language by, if you followed the steps above on the NAS going to /docker/grocy/data/config.php and then changing the following part of the file. (you may need to download the file edit it and re-upload it. you should also probably do this with the container powered down.)

# Either "en" or "de" or the directory name of
# one of the other available localization folders in the "/localization" directory
Setting('CULTURE', 'en');

The localization folder isn't included in the /config directory of the container so you can't see what languages you have available from there. if you are running the same version as me you will have the below.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 20.21.25.png

but if you want to dive in yourself, you can by on your NAS go to the docker app, highlight grocy, then click on "Settings" and export, and then export, and select "container and settings" this will download the whole container you can then untar the contents of image.tar

with that untar'ed go to "Image" folder, then the "App" folder, then the "grocy" folder and the "Localzation" will be there.

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