Local changes (deletions) to OneDrive

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Local changes (deletions) to OneDrive

Ahoy hoy.
New DS220j user here. I have just uploaded a good 85000 pics to my new NAS and started syncing it with OneDrive. What I discovered after seeing some weird files in the OneDrive mobile app is that Synology made thumbnails for several thousand of those photos (the ol' "generating progress" bar, which I paused). I also paused the sync. Next, I went through the photo shared folder on the NAS and painstakingly deleted all of those 4kb "._" files. I also disabled permissions for PhotoStation on the photo shared drive, just in case. SO! Two parts here.

1) How do I turn back on the cloudsync without the NAS re-downloading those thousands of 4kb files back from OneDrive. I have set the sync to "upload local changes only" but I cannot find anywhere if that applies to deletions as well.

2) Should I create a new shared folder that is NOT the "/photo" shared folder so that this does not happen again? I created one just in case and it seems like there is no option to say "don't generate thumbnails". If I do create said shared folder, do I just dump what is in the local folders on the NAS into the new shared folder and re-sync with OneDrive? If I do that, do I need to clear off the OneDrive first?

I know that's a lot of questions but hopefully that reduces the back and forth. Thanks!

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