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HELP!!! I recently tried to reset my DS118 to factory spec. The only option I was given after starting the process was DSM 7. I tried manually resetting to DSM6, after downloading the file from the synology website, but it said "corrupt file" when I tried to install it. So it installed DSM 7 over my old DSM 6 system. Now it won't accept my new login credentials and I can't get back to a reset menu. Any thoughts?

How about reformatting the HDD outside the NAS on my windows computer? Anything else?

Done, thanks!
Now............ I'd really like to go back to DS6.2 - I know Synology says this is a "one way upgrade" but is that still true if I don't need anything on the HDD, just reload DiskStation 6.2 and re-format the drive?
Thanks Telos. I used this approach in the past to recover a bricked WD My Cloud (I had no option). Very tedious and error prone. In this instance, though, I don't think I'm going to mess with it as I do have an option (sticking with DSM 7) and I don't want to risk any errors on my part!
Follow up:

Well, I've been using DSM 7 for a week now. After the initial 24 hour "indexing" period, it seems to be working OK (would still prefer DSM6 but that ain't happenin'). Having said that, I only have 150GB pictures (pictures seem to be the main offender on indexing). I feel sorry for folks who have TBs of pictures!
I'm having issues accessing the DSM7 118 device in Kodi and a couple of other media apps. Somewhere in the settings, but darned if I can find it. My DSM6 device (DSM218play) has no such issues.

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