DSM 7.0 Log Center keeps telling me to install Log Center

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DSM 7.0 Log Center keeps telling me to install Log Center

DS920+, DS416slim
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Whenever I open Log Centre, it tells me to go to the Package Center and install Log Center. But... I am opening Log Center for it to tell me this! When I go to the Package Center to "install" Log Center (again?!), it says it's already installed, which of course it is because I just opened it... ?!?!?!

log center.JPG

DSM has a built-in feature called Log Center.

There is an enhanced log handling package (find it in Package Center) and it is helpfully called Log Center, go figure out that wisdom! Anyway, you can check in Package Center to see if you have the one from there installed, then set the alert to shut-up.

This is the sidebar from the enhanced Log Center.
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