Logging in to Synology Calendar domain user causes page freezes

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Logging in to Synology Calendar domain user causes page freezes

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If I delete a user and create a new one with the same domain name using Synology Directory Server, Synology Calendar stops working (after logging in, the screen stops as below)


I reported it to Synology as a Ticket, they replied that they know the problem and that they will fix it (unfortunately it has been 5 days and they do nothing) even though I shared the connection with them.

Maybe someone knows how to fix the problem themselves.
A small update. This error is especially annoying when you have a lot of users. I noticed that the error appears when:
  • A new user will be created in Synology Directory Server, then deleted and created again with the same name
  • In Synology Directory Server, you will delete the domain and create a new one with the same name
  • the local user is deleted and a new one is created in the domain with the same name.

You have to wait several days for help... Of course, they know about the error, but the only solution is to contact their help. I have known this problem for at least a year and there is still no solution...

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