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Hi is this in the root? I logged in as admin but cannot find a directory /var/log/messages
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The directory is /var/log and the file is messages, but you'll have to sudo the command you use to access it due to its ownership.

$ ls -al /var/log/messages
-rw-rw---- 1 system log 284465 Jan 18 10:42 /var/log/messages

For example...
$ sudo more /var/log/messages
Thanks, I found it. I'd like to see the log of the reverse proxy.
I believe I've set everything correct but when I access from external side I get error 400: bad request.
There are many files in the log folder. Should I see something in the messages file?

This is how I've setup the Reverse Proxy:

I have an internal server accessable on
In my providers modem/router I have a portforwarding ext port 443 to int port 443 to my own routers IP address
In my own router I have a portforwarding from ext 443 to int 443 to my Synology NAS.
Finally in my NAS I have setup the reverse proxy: source: https hostname: xxx.synology.me (this is a Synology DDNS hostname) port: 443 HSTS: enabled destination: http hostname: port: 8123
When I access https://xxx.synology.me/ I get a 400 error: Bad request

To investigate I think I need to see the log

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