Question Longest uptime?

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Question Longest uptime?

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Just curious (and to change the mood).
What’s the longest uptime you’ve had on your NAS?

I think I’ve managed around 85 days before there was a need to restart (DSM update I think).
Man, now I wish I had kept exact track of this stat! :D

I've had my DS212 since 2012, and I rarely had to reboot it other than due to a DSM update. I frankly cannot remember a specific example of rebooting it to solve a problem, but I'm sure I must have once in a while.

Overall it just sat there and worked. Light duty, just storing/serving files and media for the family. That's why I bought a second Synology NAS, my experience has basically been no muss, no fuss.
WAIT, THERE ARE COOKIES INVOLVED?!?!? Can I get 2nd place then? Don't need the sanitizer.

WAIT, THERE ARE COOKIES INVOLVED?!?!? Can I get 2nd place then? Don't need the sanitizer.
No 🧻 for you! The Soup Nazi will ban you too! Google?! 😱
Besides, we’re already being criticized for including a 🧻 for the first winner.

However, to encourage long uptime and as a show of goodwill to help you repent and hopefully change your time server to a less evil entity, we will award you a 🍪

When I read the 2nd paragraph again, it sounded like propaganda by a communist regime 🤣
And the prize for the longest uptime goes to @Rusty.
You win one 🧻 (three ply) and one🧴100ML hand sanitizer. We will throw in a 🍪 too for old times’ sake.

I don’t think I can beat that!

Keep up the good work and the uptime!
O thank you, thank you all. I would like to thank my mum and dad for lending me $$ to buy this NAS, also my wife for getting the drives, this couldn't have been possible with you. Thank you all very much.

918 will stay on for about 50ish days more and then its all-flash inside so it will shutdown eventually :D
I remember years back Microsoft announced a bug in Windows along the lines of, "If Windows is allowed to run continuously for 90 days, [some bad thing] could happen...," and all that was said in response was "How did anybody find THAT out?" 😙

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