Look what I found!

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Look what I found!

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While looking for a 9v power adapter through piles of stuff (that my wife happens to be in total disagreement and disbelief of accumulating).
I found this…

Indeed, for his age :D
Didn’t try starting up. I need 4 AA batteries.

I never noticed it because it was in its protective black pouch. But because I’m desperate for a 9v adapter, I was opening everything. Needless to say I didn’t find an adapter!
Of course, the damned thing will pop in front of my face when I have no use for it.
Wow! I never had [enough spare cash for] one of those.

Puts my Psion 3a to shame, with £80 Mac OS link .... yes that's what owning a Mac was like in the 1990's!

I've a semi-working PowerBook 180c: the screen was fixed by wedging in a piece of CD to keep the connections touching. Plus a Macintosh SE/30 and SE FDHD 4/40. And PowerBook G3 Pismo, and G4 400 tower (pre-mirror door).

Surprised the ceiling hasn't collapsed.
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Wow! I never had [enough spare cash for] one of those.
Indeed, the Newton was overpriced and underpowered. Steve Jobs killed it when he returned to Apple.

Plus a Macintosh SE/30
I love that one. Don’t lose it, it’s a classic. An icon. If I were you, I’d have it in the living room on it’s own pedestal.

There’s a tech store that I pass by every now and then and they’ve placed one in their window under a spot light. Just for looks, it’s powered off.
It looks amazing. I just can’t but stop (every time), look at it and admire it 💓

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