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This is my first post. I have a DS 1621+ and I am backing up the NAS with a 10TB WD Elements drive by USB. I am looking for a cloud backup solution to back up my important data. Home Videos, Photos, important documents, etc. The storage needs will increase quickly because I do a lot of photography and 4K videos. I was looking at Back Baze, Synology C2, and idrive. Any recommendations? I live in the US.
I recommend B2. It is multiplatform accessible. Has an awesome support base, cost is based on what you use (no tier, no time limited retention). You can use it for all your devices (not just your NAS). You can map B2 storage to your PC. And it is no beta product.

I have no affiliation with Backblaze.

You might also consider Wasabi. Just be careful if you have rapidly changing storage needs. They bill, among other things, on a 90-day minimum retention... meaning that if you upload a 10 GB file, and then delete it two days later, it will be billed as though stored for 90 days. For long term retention, this is less an issue.
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I use the basic plan in C2 but that won’t be sufficient for you as it tops out at 1 TB. However you can start small and upgrade the subscription as you need. My backups are for important documents, photos, and edited home videos. But I’m not storing 4K because we didn’t have that when the kids were young.

No experience of the other options but I know other members do use them.

If there are free trials then I would set up small trial tasks in Hyper Backup. See how they perform, what the portals are like, accessibility, and recovery. Also how much they cost. Of course the big one, long term reliability, is what you cannot test. So focus on responses for this. C2 has been solid for me since I started using it.
From my experience you have selected the top 3.
I liked idrive as it also has mobile device support as well and it is the cheapest 5TB option. Over the years I had a few issues as the connection with the DS had to be redone a couple of times after an upgrade.
Cannot comment on the other two.

I am not sure if you considered a daily cross backup (using HB) to another Synology. I have another DS in the family added a disk there and this works (from both sides) very well.

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