looking for help on what server to use

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looking for help on what server to use


hey guys want to hear if anyone can help me
i have a lot of movies on my synology nas server
which I would like to see via VLC player via an http link have tried with an ftp server could also see them with could not rewind the movie in that way so we hear if anyone knows what server is best for of playing movies over nets where you can rewind in one or the other ways i am also open to have also tried plex de link can not play that way

remi off
A significant consideration in NAS selection is whether you intend to stream 4k and/or require transcoding capability. Most users tend toward Video Station, Plex and Emby as their content servers.
hi have tried video station with that link but get there from can not play in vlc player and it is important as i must have linked into an m3u file
that's the link I get from video station

what server can you make for your movies where you can make an http link and copy into vlc player and play there from ??

the links from plex and emby can also not be copied into vlc player and play

remi off
Media server package then but I doubt considering it’s DLNA. Why is m3u so important? If you are using a different media platform why can’t you use it’s native apps for playing? What are those m3u files presenting exactly?
If you mean playing publicly shared media where you share it via Video Station or DS Video, the only way I’ve found is to paste the generated link in a browser. Couldn’t make it work with VLC.

I didn’t spend much time trying it, but I remember at that time when I pasted the link to an MP4 file in my iPad’s Safari browser, it worked (because that’s what’s supported on iOS natively), otherwise, it won’t play.

Not sure of the behavior on a different OS’ browser (e.g. macOS and Windows) as I didn’t explore that.

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